Cochin King Prawn Curry

Cochin King Prawn Curry £15.50 Prawns, ground Rajasthani mirchi, sautéed shallots, peppercorns in a rich thick sauce.

Baby Eggplant (V+)

Baby Eggplant (V+) £10.50 Ground cashew nuts, cumin, garlic, baked baby eggplant in a thick sauce.

Cheera Lamb

Cheera Lamb £12.50 Wilted spinach cooked with cuts of lamb leg, chilli, cumin, ginger, garlic and tomato reduction.

Chettinad Chicken/Lamb

Chettinad Chicken/Lamb £11.50/12.50 Cuts of lamb leg or chicken breast, crushed pepper, star anise, a hint of coconut & tomato curry.

Kadala Masala (V+)

Kadala Masala (V+) £9.95 Black chickpeas, chillies, tomato, ginger & garlic reduction

Duck Mappas

Duck Mappas £13.95 Tender cooked duck in coconut milk, fennel seeds, cardamom, peppercorn & Green chillies.

Meen Kari

Meen Kari £14.95 Pan fried sea bass fillet served on a tamarind, chilli, curry sauce.

Malabar Chicken Korma

Malabar Chicken Korma £12.95 A lovely, rich mild dish. Made with Coconut milk, yogurt, ground cashew nuts.

Pork Curry

Pork Curry £12.95 Tenderloin, soy sauce, tomato & garlic reduction tossed with bell peppers & chilli.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken £11.95 Tandoor, butter roasted chicken breast, cardamom, chilli, tomato & cream sauce.