Join us for lunch and enjoy a quick, delicious bite to eat at Bhoomi Kitchen in Oxford and Cheltenham. Our new lunch menu has been designed for guests to enjoy a mid-day treat on a work break, or for a relaxing lunch with friends.

Cheltenham lunch opening :  Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 1:45

Oxford lunch opening :  Friday – Sunday 12:00 – 1:45

    • Lunch

    • Chicken Dosa


      Served with vada, sambar & coconut chutney

    • Egg Curry & Appam


      Fermented rice pancakes served with rich boiled egg curry

    • Idli (v+)


      four ground rice steamed cakes served with sambar & coconut chutney

    • Masala Dosa (v+)


      served with vada, sambar & coconut chutney

    • Uttapam (v+)


      Served with sambar & coconut chutney