• Small Plates

    • Aloo Bonda (V+)


      Small round spiced potato mash rolled in gram flour batter and fried. Served with Tamarind chutney. A quick snack from the street stalls of Kerala.

    • Chicken Sixty-Five


      South Indian style fried Chicken. Spice rubbed breast, fried with sweet mango raita. A true south Indian staple!

    • Chilli Paneer (V)


      Small blocks of Indian cheese tossed with peppers, tomato, chilli and garlic

    • Idli Sambar (V+)


      Ground rice and lentil sponge served with sambar and coconut chutney.

    • Kala


      Fillet of salmon, marinated overnight and slow roasted over charcoal. A period favourite among the Bhoomites.

    • Lamb Pasliyan


      Two bones of French trimmed lamb rack, marinated overnight in malt vinegar and gunpowder spices, served with smoked roasted aubergine mash.

    • Masala Dosa (V+)


      Lightly spiced potato mash frozen ground rice crepe served with some sambar and coconut chutney. The go to breakfast for any South Indian

    • Pappadam & Chutney (V)


      Six quarters served with homemade chutneys.

    • Rasam & Prawns


      Spicy & tangy broth with some juicy prawns. A sure way to wake up your taste buds.

    • Uttapam (V+)


      Ground rice and lentil pancake topped with tomato, peppers, onion & chilli. Served with coconut chutney.

    • Dum Biryani

      Dum biryani is an aromatic and authentic South Indian dish with succulent layers of fluffy rice, fragrant spices & oven baked with pastry lid.

    • Chicken

    • Lamb

    • Vegetable (V)

    • Accompaniments

    • Appam (V+)

    • Chapati (V+)

    • Egg fried rice (V)

    • Kerala Parotta (V)

    • Mushroom rice (V)

    • Plain dosa (V+)

    • Pulao rice (V+)

    • Vegetable fried rice (V)

    • Something Sweet

      We bring to you some of the desserts from the Indian subcontinent where sweets are so varied, so numerous, or so invested with meaning.

    • Chocolate Samosa


      Samosas filled with chocolate and cardamom.

    • Gulab Jamun


      Sweet soft dumplings in sweet syrup.

    • Payasam (V+)


      Sago cooked in milk and topped with nuts and dried fruits.

    • Indian BBQ

      Appacha's traditional marinades & rubs from his famous Indian barbecues. Slow cooked over charcoal, griddled or tandoor smoked methods of barbecuing. All the plates are served with gunpowder salad.

    • Achari Kabab


      Boneless chicken thighs, marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic, lemon juice and achari masala, skewered & barbecued.

    • Barbecued Prawns


      Juicy King Prawns marinated in lime juice, chilli, cumin and coriander, tandoor baked.

    • BBQ Butter Chicken Wings


      Pasted cashew nuts, ginger, garlic, coriander, cream, yogurt, butter, Kashmiri chilli powder.

    • Chicken Reshmi Kabab


      Marinated breast in hung yogurt, ginger, garlic, cream, ground peppercorn, ground cashew nuts, skewered and tandoor roasted.

    • Hara Bhara Kabab (V+)


      A patty made from potato, spinach & green peas, coated in gram flour then chargrilled.

    • Tandoori Paneer (V)


      Blocks of Indian cheese slow roasted over charcoal with peppers, onions and tomato.

    • Tharavu


      Duck breast, rubbed with south Indian gunpowder spice blend then barbecued in charcoal tandoor.

    • Bhoomi Kitchen Special

      These dishes are very traditional curry combinations we have in Kerala. They are made in the same way we do at home in one pot. So once its gone, its gone for the day.

    • Beef Curry + Kerala Parotta


      Cuts of beef brisket, green chillies, peppercorn, lemon juice, ginger and garlic. Served with two Kerala parottas, whipped and layered with butter and flattened then cooked on a buttery pan.

    • Lamb Stew + Appam


      Cuts of lamb leg, coconut oil, coconut milk, cinnamon, cardamom, curry leaves, clove, green chilly. Served with two appams, made from fermented rice flour and has a texture of a pancake more delicate flavours and spices used in this one.

    • Curry

    • Baby Eggplant (V+)


      Ground cashew nuts, cumin, garlic, baked baby eggplant in a thick sauce.

    • Butter Chicken


      Tandoor, butter roasted chicken breast, cardamom, chilli, tomato & cream sauce.

    • Cheera Lamb


      Wilted spinach cooked with cuts of lamb leg, chilli, cumin, ginger, garlic and tomato reduction.

    • Chettinad Chicken/Lamb


      Cuts of lamb leg or chicken breast, crushed pepper, star anise, a hint of coconut & tomato curry.

    • Chilli Chicken


      Fried chicken breast strips cooked in a chilli, pepper, tomato and garlic reduction.

    • Cochin King Prawn Curry


      Prawns, ground Rajasthani chillies, sautéed shallots, peppercorns in a rich thick sauce.

    • Duck Mappas


      Tender cooked duck in coconut milk, fennel seeds, cardamom, peppercorn & Green chillies.

    • Kadala Masala (V+)


      Black chickpeas, chillies, tomato, ginger & garlic reduction

    • Kadhai Paneer (V)


      Indian cheese, bell peppers, chilli and crushed black pepper in a rich curry.

    • Kerala Lamb


      Cuts of slow cooked lamb leg, soy, coconut, cardamom & fennel sauce.

    • Malabar Chicken Korma


      A lovely, rich mild dish. Made with Coconut milk, yogurt, ground cashew nuts.

    • Meen Kari


      Pan fried sea bass fillet served on a tamarind, chilli, curry sauce.

    • Vegetable Sides

    • Aubergine & peas (V+)

    • Black lentils (V)

    • Cucumber & carrot raita (V)

    • Gunpowder Salad (V+)

    • Masala potatoes (V+)

    • Sambar (V+)

    • Spinach & potatoes (V+)

    • Thoran of the day (V+)